An excellent remedy for goitre
Thin, dark complexioned persons
Loss of flesh with great appetite
Hungry with much thirst
Better after eating                                           Iodum             CM      One dose every night for four days    Repeat after 4 months if necessary
It should be tried if Iodum fails                     Bromium         CM      One dose every night for four days    Repeat after 4 months if necessary
It should be tried if Iodum and Bromium fail            Thyroidin        3X       Every 8 hours  1 month.
The action of this remedy should be carefully watched, and it should be stopped on any sign of over-action occuring
For non toxic and exophthalmic goitre
Goitre with obesity                                         Fucus vesiculosus        Q         20 drops in water 3 times daily           3 month
For painful hard goitre                                    Calcarea flour.             1M       One dose every 2 weeks         4
Thyroid enlargement about the
time of puberty                                               Calcarea iodide           3X       4 grains every 4 hours 3 months
Goitre at puberty and pregnancy                    Hydrastis canadensis  Q         10 drops in water 3 times daily           1 month
Goitre with stinging and burning pain
 in breasts, stomach and uterus                       Lapis albus                  6          Every 6 hours  1 month
Thyroid gland swollen
Clears throat constantly                                  Spongia tosta              3          Every 4 hours  3 months
Small tumor like swelling on the right side
Tense, smooth, shining appearance                 Lycopodium clavatum            1M       One dose every 2 weeks         4
Exophthalmic goitre with heart trouble          Lycopus virginicus      30        Every 8 hours  1 month
Simple goitre in fat persons
Sweating on the head and neck                      Calcarea carb.              200      Every 4 hours  Until improvement starts
In the early stages
Exophthalmic goitre with emaciation
Weakness, trembling, palpitation and sleeplessness
Thirst and craving for salt                               Natrum muriaticum     200      One dose once in a week        3 months           
Biochemic medicine
Specific for goitre                                           Calcarea flour              12X     4 grains every 4 hours             3 months




Obesity, specially in children and
young people
Sweating on the forehead which wets
 the pillow when sleeping                               Calcarea carb.              200      One dose every week  8
A specific remedy for obesity
Try this remedy when Calcrea carb fails         Fucus vesiculosus        Q         10 drops in water 3 times daily           3 months
An excellent remedy for obesity                     Phytolacca berry         Q         10 drops in water 3 times daily           3 months
Obesity, while flesh decreases, muscles
become harder and firmer                               Calotropis                    Q         5 drops in water three 3 daily             3 months
Tendency to obesity, specially in
females with delayed menstruation                Graphites                     200      One dose every week  8
Obesity due to uterine problems
Mild, gentle, yielding disposition                   Pulsatilla nigricans      Q         10 drops in water 3 times daily           3 months
Due to imperfect function of thyroid gland   Thyroidinum               200      One dose once in a week        8
Fat body, large buttocks, thin legs                  Ammonium mur.         30        Every 8 hours
            3 months
Obesity after menopause                                Calcarea arsenica         3X       Three times daily         months


Great debility
Exhaustion and restlessness
 with nightly aggravation
Great exhaustion after the
slightest exertion                                             Arsenicum alb.            200      Every 8 hours  4
Melancholic and apprehensive
Great craving for sweets
Trembling with great debility                         Argentum nitricum      30        Every 4 hours  8
Great weakness and weariness
 Most weakness felt in the morning in bed
 Dry mucous membranes
Lips and corners of mouth dry,
 ulcerated and cracked
Craving for salt                                               Natrum mur.                6          Every 4 hours  4
Prostration of mind and body
Icy cold and sweaty feet
offensive sweat on feet, hands and axillae
Symptoms worse by cold                                Silicea                          200      Every 4 hours  4
An excellent remedy for addison’s disease    Adrenalin                    30        Every 4 hours  8
Weariness and sudden loss of strength with fainting
Sickly yellow colour of face
Sunken eyes and features
Brown, dark spots on different parts of the body
Icy coldness of limbs with trembling
Frequent yawning and stretching
Headache, vertigo and sleeplessness
Burning cutting pain in stomach with
 nausea and vomiting                                      Phosphorus                  200      Every 8 hours  4         
Intercurrent remedy
Intercurrent remedy                                        Bacillinum                   200      One dose once in a week        8


An excellent remedy for hypoglycemia         
Irritability, confusion and possible coma        Alumina silicate          200      One dose once in a week        8         
Also give sugar in any form 

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