The word onychia is used to define a health problem which is known by an inflammatory reaction of the nail matrix with development of pus and loss of the finger nail or toe nail. Onychia outcomes from the induction of microscopic infectious agent throughout tiny injuries. This condition also can impact the nail bed and consequently resulting in the loss of the finger nail or toe nail. Onychia could be avoided similar to any other issue of this character, by using appropriate hygiene.
In many cases the most probably reason behind onychia is an injury. The injury could be incurred directly or perhaps as a result of misfitting footwear. Additionally, typical skin health problems for example psoriasis or atopic dermatitis also can lead to progression of onychia. Diabetic issues is one more typical reason for onychia because it plays a role in reduced blood flow in the legs and lowered resilience to bacterial infection. Aside from this, insufficient consumption of vitamins and minerals in the diet can likewise lead to onychia and it is generally known as nutritional insufficiency. If you have a cut in the epidermis at the foundation of the nail or possibly if living skin is ripped away instead of only the non living cuticle taken away, in that case, that could make the matrix available to harmful bacteria and potential bacterial infection. For the reason that the cover guarding the matrix is damaged.
The specific symptoms of onychia consists of inflammatory reaction, swelling, and discomfort can arise in the impacted toe.
SILICEA 30- Affections of finger nails, especially if white spots on nails. Ingrowing toe nails
PSORINUM 200- Eruptions around finger nails
CALENDULA 30- For open laceration and cut with much damaged skin. Also apply Calendula lotion externally
BERBERIS VUL 30- Pain under finger nail with coldness of feet , swelling of finger joint
NITRIC ACID 200- Inflammation of the nails on account of tight shoe or under sized shoe
HYPERICUM PER 30- Nails hurt , resulting in pain
SEPIA 200- Pain under the nails due to fungus growths
THUJA OCC 200-Toe nails grow in to the flesh, causing pain
MYRISTICA  SEBIFERA Q- A specific remedy. Pain in the finger nails with swelling of the phalanges

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