Homeopathic remedies  are  very effective in treating  all conditions  affecting fingers. The common conditions affecting fingers are- rheumatoid arthritis,carpel tunnel syndrome, tenosynovitis, writer’s cramp, ganglion cyst, injury etc
ACTEA SPICATA 3X- Rheumatism of the finger joints. Tearing and tingling pain in fingers. The joints swell after a slight exertion
AGARICUS MUS 30- Fingers becomes weak , unable to hold things properly and the things fall unconsciously
ANTIMONIUM CRUDUM 30- Pain in fingers due to rheumatoid arthritis, worse in cold weather and washing hands in cold water, better by hot application. Rheumatic pain alternate with stomach complaints and the tongue is white coated.
APIS MEL. 30- Numbness of hands and tip of fingers
ARGENTUM METALLICUM 30-Paralysis of fingers due to paralysis of forearm
ARNICA MONTANA 30- Pain in hands and fingers due to injury
BERBERIS VULGARIS 30- Neuralgia under finger nails with swelling of the finger joints
BORAX 3X- Itching on the back of finger joints . Feeling of stinging in the fingers
CALCAREA FLOUR 30-- Pain in hand and fingers which occur due to ganglion cyst, especially when the ganglion is formed on back of wrist. 
CAULOPHYLLUM 3X-Pain in fingers and wrist  constantly shift from one part to another with much stiffness.Cutting pain on closing the hands.
CAUSTICUM 30- Tearing type of pains in hand and fingers with numbness, where pain is worse in cold air and better from warm applications on hand.
ELAPS CORALLIUM 30- Skin peels off on the tip of fingers
GRAPHITES 30- Cracks and fissures on the ends of fingers and between toes
HYPERICUM PERFORATUM 30- Pain in hands and fingers due to carpel tunnel syndrome, where pains are of tingling and burning in character. The numbness and crawling in hands along with pain is another useful symptom for application of this medicine
LAUROCERASUS 30-Swelling of fingers which usually happens in heart diseases, clubbed fingers
LEDUM PAL 10M – This remedy relieves the pain from getting a foreign body under the finger nails almost instantly
NATRUM MUR 30- Fingers cannot hold things. Dryness and cracking about finger nails. Numbness and tingling in fingers. Skin peels off partly at theroot of the finger nail. Skin around nail dry and cracked
PETROLEUM 30- Cracks at the tip of the fingers and on the back of the hands
PLUMBUM METALLICUM 30--  Pain in hand and finger when along with numbness and tingling there is weakness in the hand , making it impossible for the hand to lift or grasp anything
PROPYLAMINUM Q- Tingling and numbness of fingers. Rheumatism, a needle held feels too heavy
RHUS TOX 30- Loss of power in forearms and fingers. Crawling sensation in the tip of fingers
SARSAPARILLA 30-Burning on sides of fingers and toes. Ulceration around ends of the fingers.Deep cracks in fingers and toes
SILICEA 30- Tip of the fingers are dry. The patient has to moisten them often by licking. Cracks at the end
THUJA OCC 200- Tip of the fingers toughened , feel dead. Writer’s cramps in fingers

VIOLA ODORATA  30- Pain in hands and wrist , more on the right hand

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