This inflammatory disease initially affects a particular joint , hands, knees, feet. It develops  instages with periods of remission and tends to spread joints . It affects between 0.5 percent to 1 percent of the [population , predominately women who are three times more likely  to suffer from the condition than men. Early symptoms  can appear around the age of 25 or during menopause
  1. Discomfort or intermittent pain in the joint area.
  2. Stiffness and swelling of the affected area, particularly after resting
  3. As it develops , malformation of the joints
  4. Increased pain that disturbs sleep
  5. Ankylosis (fusing of the joints restricting movements )
  6. Anemia, fatigue, weight loss, sometimes fever and aching of muscles
It is an autoimmune disease . The body’s immune system attacking the synovial membrane lining the joints. There is often a family history of autoimmune disease
Self measures
Avoid unnecessary fatigue
Take vit B supplements and trace elements like copper, manganese, sulphur which are beneficial for bony tissue
Eat oily fish from cold regions, which are rich in fatty acids and have a beneficial affect on inflammatory rheumatism
Try to maintain your weight on normal range
Regular exercise when the joints are not actually inflamed will help to maintain the strength of the muscles around the joints. Swimming is ideal as therte is less weight on the joints in water
Treatment with herbs
  1. Harpagophytum procumbens ( Devil’s claw ) – Take 20 drops tincture 3 times daily before meals
  2. Filipendula ulmaria ( Meadow sweet ) -20 drops tincture 3 times daily after or between meals
  3. Curcuma longa- Take 20 drops tincture after meals
  4. Urtica dioica ( Stinging nettle ) – 20 drops tincture 3 times daily after meals
  5. Rhus toxicodendron ( poison oak )- 20 drops tincture 3 times daily
  6. Colchicum- 20 drops tincture 3 times daily after food
  7. Bryonia- 20 drops tincture 3 times dail after food
External application
  1. Mix equal amounts of mustard oil. gingely oil with arnica and rhustox tincture and rub on the affected part
  2. Rub with capsicum ointment or cream
  3. Ginger-rub 3 drops of ginger oil with vegetable oil on the affected part
  4. Juniper- rub 3 drops of juniper  oil with vegetable oil on the affected part
  5. Lavender- Add 20-100 gms of the flower to 1 litre of boiling water, leave to infuse for 15 mts , then strain. Add the infusion to the bath water and bath for 15 mts.

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