Nearly everyone struggles with being overtired or overworked from time to time. Such instances of temporary fatigue usually have an identifiable cause and a likely remedy.
Chronic fatigue, on the other hand, lasts longer and is more profound. It's a nearly constant state of weariness that develops over time and diminishes your energy and mental capacity. Fatigue at this level impacts your emotional and psychological well-being, too.
Fatigue isn't the same thing as sleepiness, although it's often accompanied by a desire to sleep — and a lack of motivation to do anything else.
Causes- Most of the time fatigue can be traced to one or more of your habits or routines, particularly lack of exercise. It's also commonly related to depression. On occasion, fatigue is a symptom of other underlying conditions that require medical treatment.
Lifestyle factors
Taking an honest inventory of things that might be responsible for your fatigue is often the first step toward relief. Fatigue may be related to:
·         Use of alcohol or drugs
·         Excess physical activity
·         Jet lag
·         Lack of physical activity
·         Lack of sleep
·         Medications, such as antihistamines, cough medicines
·         Unhealthy eating habits
Unrelenting exhaustion may be a sign of a condition or an effect of the drugs or therapies used to treat it, such as: Acute liver disease . Anemia. Anxiety. Cancer. Chronic fatigue syndrome. Chronic infection or inflammation. Chronic kidney disease. Concussion. COPD. Depression . Diabetes.Emphysema. Meralgia paraesthetica. Grief. Heart disease. Hyperthyroidism. Hypothyroidism. Inflammatory bowel disease
HOMOEOPATHIC REMEDIES                                                                                        

ARSENIC ALBUM  200—CM--Arsenic Album is the best  Homeopathic medicine for fatigue  who feel like lying down all the time due to excessive fatigue. Standing, walking and the slightest exertion result in fatigue and lying down provides some relief to the person. Even a little exertion leads to utmost lack of strength and weakness. Such persons also hesitate and have fear exerting because they anticipate exhaustion as a result. Apart from disabling fatigue, anxiety may also show its presence in extreme levels.

KALIPHOS  6X--Kali Phos is a very beneficial  Homeopathic remedy for Chronic Fatigue  where the slightest mental or physical exertion leads to extreme fatigue. For such persons, even a little work seems to be a very huge task. This is because of the consequent lethargic and fatigue condition it produces. Extreme prostration, weakness and tired feeling ensue from a little exertion. The person feels worn out as if all the energy has been drained out. Apart from lassitude and exhaustion, the person also complains of a weak memory. Forgetfulness accompanies a weak and impaired memory. Forgetfulness is noticeable while speaking or writing. Stressed mind and worries accompanying Chronic Fatigue are also effectively cured by Homeopathic medicine Kali Phos.

GELSEMIUM  200—CM-Gelsemium is the top natural Homeopathic medicine for extreme drowsiness accompanying fatigue. The person needing Gelsemium will complain of sleepiness throughout the day with disabling fatigue. Along with drowsiness and fatigue, heaviness in head may also be felt. A few persons experience dizziness and vertigo due to extreme fatigue and a tired feeling. Muscle weakness and pain also show their impact in such patients. The muscle pain is mostly present in neck, shoulders, back, hips and legs. The patient may also experience trembling and weakness in limbs.

PHOSPHORIC ACID 3X-- Phosphoric Acid is a Homeopathic remedy of great help when mental and physical weakness with dullness and impaired memory are marked symptoms. The person seems confused and has difficulty in comprehending. Memory weakness is extreme and a person is unable to find the exact words while writing or talking.

PICRIC ACID  200--Picric Acid is the  Homeopathic remedy that is prescribed when mental debility with extremely weak memory advancing to complete loss is the main symptom of Chronic Fatigue Symptom. The person is not capable of thinking of or indulging in any kind of mental exertion. Studying or reading a little results in extreme fatigue. Headache also accompanies mental fatigue. Along with mental fatigue, muscle weakness and heaviness in whole body may also be present.

SARCOLACTINUM ACIDUM 30-Sarcolacticum Acidum is the top  Homeopathic remedy for Chronic Fatigue  patients who have the feeling of utmost fatigue in morning time. Such persons wake up feeling exhausted in the morning and the fatigue continues throughout the day. The whole body feels powerless. Along with a tired feeling, there is also muscle weakness. The person needing Sarcolacticum Acidum usually complains of tiredness and weariness from doing simple activities. Even writing on a small piece of paper or going up and down the stairs seems to drain out all the bodily energy and leaves the person highly exhausted. The person also has sleeplessness at night

ONOSMODIUM 30- Onosmodium is an ideal  Homeopathic remedy for Chronic Fatigue patients who have head or vision complaints along with exhaustion. The eye complaints may be of varying characters, including eye pain or blurring of vision, or straining and weakness of eyes. The head complaints may be described as heaviness or pain in head. The headache may be noted in front, back or sides of head. Confusion, decreased concentrating power and memory weakness also come under the sphere for this Homoepathic medicine use. Along with head or eye complaints, the foremost symptom of extreme weariness and tiredness is always present.

SELINUM 200-- Selenium ia an ideal  Homeopathic medicines for patients of Chronic Fatigue  who suffer from extreme prostration from sexual indulgence. For using Selenium, the marked symptoms are excessive weakness both in physical and mental spheres with sexual excesses and seminal losses.

COCA 30-Coca is prescribed when fatigue occurs from journey and travelling, especially during hot weather.

CONIUM MAC  200- Conium is an excellent remedy for increased fatigue, weakness especially in morning time and from walking. Sexual excesses are also noted here. Depressed state of mind with an aversion to do any work and a desire for loneliness also are marked symptoms.

STERCULIA 3X—Fatigue due to any cause. This remedy gives power to sustain prolonged physical exertion without taking food and without taking food and without the feeling of fatigue.

GINSENG  Q-  Ginseng is a  specific remedy for general fatigue.

ANACARDIUM 200- Mentally tired like students and thinkers. Anacardium is the remedy for mental fatigue from higher studies. It is useful fatigue of literary persons.

ARNICA MON. 200—If physically tired Arnica is effective . Arnica is prescribed when fatigue on account of over use of muscles and brain. The limbs and body ache as if beaten. It removes fatigue of the brain and also of body.

MUREX PURP. 30-Murex is specially indicated to nervous, lively and affectionate women. The patient is greatly fatigued , weak and run down. Fatigue remains for several days , the indicative and peculiar symptom is that she feels more fatigued while sitting or at rest and feels alright on walking. Fatigue re- appears on sitting down.

TUBERCULINUM 200- Tuberculinum is considered a good remedy for fatigue. Here motion causes intense fatigue, aversion to work, wants to constant change.

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